Manage your devices at the edge

Deviceplane is an open source management tool for embedded systems and edge computing. We make it easy to securely update, monitor, and access your devices.

IoT GatewaysIoT Gateways
Edge ServersEdge Servers
Single-board ComputersSingle-board Computers
Medical DevicesMedical Devices

Infrastructure that includes everything you need

Remote Updates

Deploy reliably and with confidence. Gradually ship updates, test new versions on a subset of devices, and rollback when things don't go as expected.

SSH Access

Access a device via SSH even when it's not on the same network. Flexible policies allow you to enable and disable this feature from the device for security reasons.


Collect host and application metrics from your devices without additional agents. Integrate with tools like Datadog and Prometheus.


Gather logs from your devices, store them, and then optionally forward them to your preferred logging tool.

Access Control

Fine-grained roles and policies allow you to control exactly how your devices should be accessed.

Developer API

All functionality is exposed by an easy to use API that makes it simple to programmatically interact with your devices.


Open Source

Developer infrastructure is best when open source. Everything we build can be found on our GitHub and is distributed under a permissive open source license.

Security Conscious

We follow the best security practices across our systems. You will gain access to a variety of security features and controls that you didn't have before.

Developer Focused

Deploying to remote devices should be as easy as deploying to the cloud. We're building modern and accessible tooling so you can spend less time learning and more time shipping.

Flexible pricing that scales

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